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We provide evidence-based best practices in audiology. You will receive the same audiology fitting services regardless of technology level purchase.

Here is a brief summary of available levels of hearing aid technology and is meant for a quick comparison only. Understanding the intricacies of hearing aid technology and how that relates to individual needs is something to discuss with the audiologist.

An affordable digital hearing aid solution. Basic amplification that can be tailored to your hearing loss.

Most affordable hearing aid option available.


High-quality digital processing with additional options for tinnitus, wireless connectivity, and basic noise reduction.

A good option for someone who is cost-conscious and not in many complex listening situations.


Increase in ability to fine-tune for hearing loss, hearing aids adapt automatically to different listening situations (3).

iPhone compatible for streaming and apps (allows some user-controlled adjustments).

Android apps connect to devices.


Better fine-tuning capability, better processing of sound for more precise representation of speech. “Smarter” in difficulty and varying environments.

Appropriate for those seeking help in groups and noise and more variable sound situations.


Best in hearing aid technology for fine- tuning, “sharpest” sound quality and clarity. Best in wind noise management, and overall comfort in noise.

For those looking for the best technology has to offer.


We Work With All Major Hearing Brands.

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