Walmart Hearing Aids

Hearing aids were made to make sounds more audible for people with hearing loss. Majority of modern hearing aids run on digital technology to not only amplify sounds but to also reduce feedback, and enhance speech clarity.  Traditionally, hearing aids were provided by audiologists in private practice. It was only until recently that over-the-counter hearing aids were made available in the market – which takes us to Walmart hearing aids.


Walmart Consumer Hearing Aids

There are numerous OTC hearing aids available at physical Walmart stores and online at   Walmart hearing aids have very attractive prices starting at $40. It also has “premium” hearing aids that cost as much as $1,900 a pair. The question is – are Walmart hearing aids any good?  Probably.

The probability of purchasing Walmart hearing aids that can alleviate hearing loss and purchasing a pair that absolutely makes no difference is pretty much the same. We believe that without getting checked by an audiologist, purchasing hearing aids will always be a HIT OR MISS.


Walmart Hearing Aids: Check the label

A good thing about Walmart hearing aids is that they are labeled honestly – legit hearing aids are labeled as FDA-registered. So if you see a hearing device that has no such label, you know what it means.  

Another thing to look out for when planning to purchase Walmart hearing aids is to check the price tag. More often than not, if a device is priced below $150, it is less likely to be a “legit” hearing aid. In this case, the concept of low price-low quality may just be applied.


Walmart Hearing Aids: HearingAssist

Let’s have a quick review of one of the best-selling Walmart hearing aids, the HearingAssist.  HearingAssist is primarily marketed as an appropriate device for people dealing with mild to moderate hearing loss. It has a behind-the-ear (BTE) design and is said to be able to switch through different sound environment settings (quiet, noisy, TV and outdoor). Users can apparently toggle the volume dial to adjust the level of amplification.

Looking at the reviews of HearingAssist on, we can see that it has been getting mixed reviews. The most common complaints with this Walmart hearing aids had something to do with squealing noises and feedback.


Walmart Hearing Aids: MDHearingAid Air


Consumers tend to flock to these Walmart hearing aids because it is FDA-approved and cost only $399.99 per pair. According to Walmart, the MDHearingAid is a durable device specially built for individuals with mild to moderately-severe hearing loss.

It boasts of a smaller size, replaceable batteries, more affordable price, and great customer support. How does it hold up when it comes to customer reviews? It got 4.8 out of 5, remarkably higher than HearingAssist. Plus, it’s also a hundred dollars cheaper, so that’s another good point.

Would we recommend Walmart hearing aids?  Maybe. But there’s no way of being sure without a functional hearing test.  We recommend setting an appointment at a hearing clinic to get a comprehensive evaluation to get the best results from your hearing aids.


Walmart Hearing Aids: MDHearingAid Core

This is one of the most expensive among Walmart hearing aids. Priced at $999, this device is one of the most advanced and also features the MDHearing smartphone app.

Some of its marketed features include automatically adapting to the environment, two directional microphones, hearing test features, smartphone independence and custom settings for unique hearing loss profiles.


Questions about  Walmart Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids

What are over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids?

Over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids are a fresh category in the hearing aid industry. Just like other OTC products, consumers can easily purchase hearing aids without needing to see an audiologist or visit a hearing health professional.

From the point of view of audiologists, OTC hearing aids, like Walmart hearing aids, MAY help adults who have mild to moderate hearing loss. 

Why are OTC hearing aids becoming available now?

This new development with hearing aids are all thanks to a federal law that was passed in 2017, directing the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to lift the barriers to buying OTC hearing aids.

OTC devices, just like Walmart hearing aids, are expected to cost much less than traditional hearing aids or those dispensed by audiologists at their clinic.

Are over the counter hearing aids any good?

We are asked this question as more and more OTC hearing aids are available and accessible to consumers. From an audiologist’s point of view, if hearing loss is severe or profound, OTC hearing aids may NOT be the solution.

Consumers will only end up spending money to realize that their hearing problems are not addressed. For a surefire way to address hearing loss, going the traditional route may still be the best option. An audiologist conducting a hearing test, carrying out hearing aid fitting and real ear measurement – that is the best way to address hearing loss.

Think of purchasing OTC hearing aids as buying OTC eyeglasses instead of prescription glasses. The process may be as easy as 123 but the results are not guaranteed. 

Are Walmart hearing aids real hearing aids or just accessories?

In all fairness to Walmart hearing aids, most of the devices that they sell are legitimate and FDA-registered. However, there are also products belonging in the roster of Walmart hearing aids that just work as inexpensive sound amplifiers.

In short, Walmart hearing aids are a mix of good and meh products. If you are planning to purchase Walmart hearing aids, it would be best that you clearly understand the difference between affordable, FDA-registered hearing aids vs. cheap sound amplifiers. 

Or better yet, set an appointment with an audiologist and entrust your hearing journey to a professional audiologist.

Walmart Hearing Aids: Our Verdict

If you are planning to buy hearing aids, Walmart hearing aids may not be the first to pop on your mind, right? That’s pretty understandable considering that Walmart is more popular in selling home goods, groceries, makeup, fishing equipment, etc. When you dig deeper, Walmart hearing aids offer a wide variety of hearing aids and amplifiers at an affordable price compared to the bills you get from a hearing clinic. Walmart also offers hearing centers that can give consumers support for their hearing needs.

However, the people manning Walmart hearing centers are not certified audiologists. At the very least, they may be state-licensed dispensers. Although it’s a good thing for consumers that Walmart hearing aids are easily accessible, we suggest that you do ample research first before choosing the device to purchase.

For your hearing needs, Hearing Health Clinic, Osseo MN houses a team of audiologists that can address your specific hearing concerns. From conducting a hearing test, hearing aid selection down to follow-up checkups, we will be with you every step of the way.  Our job is helping you to hear your very best.