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We empower people every day through better hearing. We use equipment that you will not find at other locations where you can get hearing aids. As a result, you are fully informed about your communication needs and you are fit precisely with optimal hearing aid settings. It doesn’t end with hearing aids at Hearing Health Clinic. We provide the ongoing care necessary for optimal communication and hearing aid performance. Want to know what the best hearing aid is for you? We work with all hearing aid technology so that we can provide to everyone the devices that fit their unique needs.


Monday – Tuesday 9:00 – 6:00pm
Wednesday – Thursday 9:00 – 5:00pm
Friday 9:00 – 12:00pm


Most health insurance covers the cost of hearing tests or communication needs assessments. Our Osseo practice accepts most plans; however, we advise patients to check their benefits before making an appointment. Our aim is to lessen the confusion surrounding hearing aid prices for our patients by breaking down our different services and devices. We created a fee structure that separates the cost of hearing aid(s) from the services associated with the evaluation, fitting, orientation, delivery, counseling, and long-term care and management of these devices, which means you only pay for what you need.


Why Better Hearing Doesn’t Come in a Box

Being unable to communicate is frustrating. Our goal is to help patients go from not following conversations to actively participating. That said, progress is never as simple as merely buying hearing aids. Language and communication are both processed in the brain, recovering these skills involves more than just increasing the volume of everything. Exceptional hearing loss treatment requires knowledge of sound, hearing, and the brain’s ability to optimally mix the two. An experienced Audiologist should provide recommendations outside of just hearing aids; we offer the high standard of care that is crucial to successful hearing loss treatment.


Your First Appointment

Helping you begins with a Communication Needs Assessment, which may include all or a combination of the following tests (depending on the situations you find challenging):

  • Hearing pitches important for speech
  • Understanding speech in quiet
  • Understanding speech in noise
  • Tolerance of sound and noise
  • Ability to process rapid speech
  • Assessment of outer and middle ear
  • Tinnitus evaluation (disturbing ringing in the ears)
  • Physical measurement of ear canals for precise hearing aid fitting (if needed)

After completing the necessary assessments, we will discuss your results together and determine the best course of treatment. A treatment plan may include the following, depending on your needs:

We want you to leave our office understanding WHY you’re experiencing the problems that prompted your visit. We give each patient the full scope of their hearing abilities and offer informed plans on how to address challenges and proceed with informed plans on how we will address challenges and move forward. 


Our Services Include