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Are you sick of being inundated with hearing aid ads? Sifting through all of the information available online and by mail can be confusing and overwhelming. Rest assured, there is no silver bullet solution. In fact, there are probably several hearing aid options that might suit you well! We know this to be true, there is no way to find what works for you by browsing ads, which is why we’re here. As a private practice, we’re able to test every hearing aid option available. During your first appoint, we’ll begin by discovering your goals, abilities, lifestyle needs, and budget. All of this information helps us guide you towards your best hearing care decisions.

Once we have determined your best hearing aid option, we run them through a series of tests (EAA – see below) to ensure they are working properly. We then fit the hearing aids to your ears using specialized equipment and speech mapping (see below). We will make sure you are comfortable using your hearing aids before you leave, and you will come back within two weeks for a follow-up appointment.

Ongoing Audiology care is vital to for maintaining your hearing aids, ensuring optimal benefit to you throughout their life. Let’s face it; quality hearing aids are expensive, we want them to last as long as possible.

Our audiology services for hearing aid care includes:

  • Hearing aid cleaning (we take them apart and suction them out)

  • Wax removal from ears

  • Speech mapping/EAA (see below) to verify the hearing aids are working optimally

  • Hearing aid re-programming and adjustments

Service packages are available as well. You do not need to purchase your hearing aids at our clinic for us to provide you any of these services. We are here to help you hear better, not just sell hearing aids.

There are 2 main considerations when choosing a hearing aid, Technology and Style.





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