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Ear Candles

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Ear Candles

It’s hard to know what to believe, especially when there are so many products out there promising the moon but delivering nothing.

The best way to make sure that you don’t fall for scams is by educating yourself about how they work and identifying them before it’s too late. That way, you can avoid wasting money on a product that won’t do anything for you at all.

Ear candles may seem like a great alternative if you want relief from ear pain without turning to medications or surgery, but they just aren’t worth the risk of potentially damaging your ears in order to give them a try. If you’re looking for real solutions instead of quick fixes, look into other safer and tried and tested options such as seeing an audiologist.

Ear Candles: What’s the real deal?

Ear candles are not FDA-approved. According to the FDA, there is no scientific evidence that ear candling is effective in removing wax or debris from the ear canal. In fact, it can cause injury by burning your skin and damaging eardrums.

Ear candles are often sold as a natural remedy for clearing out earwax buildup, but don’t be fooled by this marketing tactic. There’s no such thing as a “natural” way to clean inside your ears. The only proven way you can remove excess earwax is by going to an ear clinic, or if you’re lucky, you may find (temporary) relief with an over-the-counter irrigation solution. If you do have excessive wax buildup in your ears, see an audiologist who will provide treatment options tailored to your specific needs—not just one size fits all approach like some of these products promise.

If you’re in Osseo, MN and are dealing with ear wax problems, give us a call or a visit at Hearing Health Clinic. Our friendly and competent in-house audiologists will make sure to address whatever your hearing needs may be – from hearing loss to excessive ear wax.


Ear Candles Facts: The Truth About Earwax

Earwax is typically hard and sticky. This makes it difficult to remove without a suction force. One study found that there was no suction force during the candling procedure, so the temperature of the candle must be below body temperature to melt ear wax.

If you want to effectively remove ear wax, don’t waste your time and money trying out ear candles. Set an appointment at a hearing clinic to make sure that the excess ear wax is gone with a procedure carried out by a hearing healthcare professional.

Did you know that the contents of the ear candles may just be a mixture of waxy mess and fabric? When analyzed, it was revealed to contain both candle wax and fabric. The “dirt” that you see after using ear candles is not actually made of earwax and other debris from your ears – they are actually a blend of burned fabric and wax.


Is it safe to use ear candles?

In the past, people have been known to use candles for ear candling. But this practice is known to be dangerous and even painful at times. The flame from the candle could get too close to your face and burn you or the molten wax might drip into your ear canal which can cause hearing loss and other complications. There are also reports of punctured eardrums after using ear candles.

As practicing audiologists, we want to get straight to the point.Keep in mind that the FDA hasn’t approved ear candles for any medical use. In fact, it has issued warnings to manufacturers and stopped the import of ear candles.  If you are planning on using ear candles to deal with excess earwax, please reconsider your decisions. The best thing to do if you have earwax problems is to visit an audiologist. If you happen to be in Osseo, MN, do visit us at Hearing Health Clinic.


How To Remove Earwax Safely

Earwax is a normal substance that protects your ears from bacteria, but it can build up and cause problems.

Earwax removal is a delicate process. You have to be careful. We discourage using ear candles. They don’t work as advertised, and they can actually cause damage by burning your skin or perforating your eardrum (ouch!). Instead, go to the tried and tested (and safe) path – going to an audiologist.

Don’t try to stick foreign objects in your ear in an effort to get rid of earwax buildup. Trust us, your efforts will just be in vain. Or worse, your ear situation may even worsen. Leave your ears to the experts – you cannot see what’s happening in your ears so trying to clean it would be like trying to sweep the floor with the lights off.


The Ugly Truth Behind Ear Candling

For centuries, ear candling has been a ritual in many different cultures for various purposes. Some claim that the process removes ear wax while others say it cures other ailments such as allergies and migraines. However, most studies show no evidence of any health benefits associated with this practice.

In recent years, the trend of ear candling has increased in popularity due to its availability on the internet – even though there is no scientific basis behind it or proof that it actually does anything beneficial at all.

Ear candling is a trending ear wax removal technique that has grown more popular online. However, without the backing of science, it’s proponents say it will not only remove ear wax, but also treat other conditions. Adults who advocate for this practice are in favor of performing it on children and adolescents as well, not considering the dangers that ear candles pose. It can actually do more harm than good.