Earwax Removal

We’ll investigate your hearing problems, and if earwax is the culprit, we’ll unplug your ears right away.


Did you know earwax may be the problem?

Are you having a hard time hearing?

You might be regretting the moment when you pushed that tiny Q-tip into your ear, but fret not, you’re not the only one!  A lot of people suffer from having a clogged ear due to impacted ear wax.

If you happen to be in the Osseo, MN area, Hearing Health Clinic may just be the answer to your hearing woes.

We offer professional ear wax removal and other solutions for your hearing needs.

Hearing Health Clinic, Osseo MN –  Ear Wax Removal Services

Questions about  Ear Wax Removal

Why should you leave ear wax removal to professionals?

This question commonly runs in the minds of individuals who are sitting on an audiologist’s chair, who, at one time or another, wiggled that cotton swab into the ear canal and ended up with a clogged ear or impacted ear wax.

While it may be satisfying to “clean” your ears with a cotton swab, it’s not really a safe thing to do. Trying to do some DIY ear wax removal is like trying to do nail art – you may get things done BUT the results are definitely not as great as when a professional or senior nail technician takes over. 

DIY ear wax removal usually includes cotton swabs, ear candles, bobby pins, etc. All of these will not give you great results. You can watch ‘ear wax removal’ videos in YouTube all you want, but it will not change the fact that you cannot successfully remove ear wax by yourself. In fact, you could even worsen the clog or God-forbid, poke your eardrum, risking your ears to infection and more serious medical attention.

Now you see why audiologists DO NOT recommend DIY ear wax removal.

Ear wax removal is a natural body process.  Yes, you read that right. The human body is capable of natural ear wax removal. Trying to clean ears by yourself may cause more trouble than it’s actually worth. 

The human ears can be likened to self-cleaning appliances – when the outer layer of the skin in the ear canal starts to shed, the ear wax will fall out with it. Nonetheless, this natural self-cleaning process of the ears does not apply to all which leads us to the next question – 

Why do I seem to shed more earwax than others?

The human body is unique – even identical twins have their own set of body differences. Ear wax production varies from person to person.  While excessive ear wax production is not as serious as an infectious disease, it may pose some annoying hearing circumstances which may require you to report to an audiologist.

If you belong to the group of people who produce ear wax more than the usual, we’re sharing with you some Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to ear wax removal, so you better read on.

Always remember that ear wax is necessary. That yellowish thing inside the ears is produced by the body for a special reason and that is to PROTECT the ears from fungus, bacteria and foreign objects that may hurt the ears. Ear wax protects as a natural barrier from debris, dust, hair, small insects, etc.

Dispose of the common notion that ear wax is dirty and needs to be cleaned regularly. Nonetheless, you still need to know WHEN ear wax production is TOO MUCH. If you feel that you are having too much earwax than usual, see an audiologist and have your ears checked. Too much ear wax may cause infections or cause temporary hearing loss.

Do you have small ears? You may be more at risk of getting ear wax clog your ears. People with smaller-than-average ear canals are prone to clogged ears. This doesn’t mean though that people with big ears are not susceptible to impacted ear wax. 

What are the factors that can affect ear wax production?

When you go to a hearing clinic to have ear wax removal procedure, the audiologist may discuss with you the possible factors that can affect ear wax production. Below are some determinant factors:

  •  Wearing hearing aids or deep-seated ear plugs

  •  Chronic ear infections

  •  Previous ear surgery or trauma

If you are or have experienced the above mentioned factors, you NEED to be checked regularly by a hearing specialist. This is to make sure that your ear is free from any blockage that, if left untreated, can lead to serious ear trouble or complications.

What if I don't have immediate access to a hearing clinic and my clogged ear is really annoying me?

Should there be a time when you can’t go to a hearing clinic right away, there are some home treatments that can serve as a first-aid.

Take note, the operative keyword here is FIRST AID. As practicing audiologists, we would appreciate it if you go to a hearing clinic so the status of your ears can be checked thoroughly.

DIY ear wax removal may not be as EFFECTIVE compared to the procedure done at a hearing clinic. When dealing with OTC ear wax removal kits, make sure to follow the instructions to avoid adding injury to the current ear situation.

Over-the-Counter (OTC) ear cleaning drops – This DIY ear wax removal method MAY work for people who only have a small amount of earwax. Try to choose an ear cleaning product that has hydrogen or similar kinds of peroxide because peroxide is known to be effective in breaking up wax. 

What if ear cleaning drops don't work?

If you’ve already tried ear cleaning drops for ear wax removal but still experiencing the same symptoms, you may need to look for another solution while waiting for your appointment with a hearing specialist.

Another strategy for DIY ear wax removal would be bulb syringe flushing.

Before trying to flush your ears with a bulb, we are not so keen on this technique especially for people who already have existing ear injuries. Plus, this maneuver can be quite tricky to do by yourself – try to imagine yourself flushing your own ear with water. 

Uncomfortable, right? You can try to go to the clinic of your primary care provider and request a nurse to do it for you BUT if you’re going to go through all these trouble, you might as well go to an audiologist and avail expert ear wax removal services.

Ear wax removal is just but one of the many hearing solutions offered by Hearing Health Clinic in Osseo, MN.

Ear Wax Removal VS Heavily Impacted Cerumen

If you have heavily impacted cerumen, don’t bother buying OTC ear drops or ear flushing kits because all your efforts will just be in vain. 

In fact, applying peroxide on heavily impacted ear wax MAY make things WORSE because the solution will only soften the plug, not REMOVE it. You’ll end up with some sort of messy mud on your ears, which may lead to more clogging.

From an expert’s point of view, ear wax removal is the BEST method to remove heavily impacted cerumen.

When should I see a doctor for my clogged ear?

Getting a clogged ear due to ear wax may be annoying, but totally far from threatening. However, if you’ve already tried home remedies but the condition of your ears is not improving, then it’s high time that you book an appointment at a hearing clinic. Don’t wait for a certain symptom to worsen because it will cause more trouble in the long run.

Feeling pain or not being able to hear properly may also be a sign that you need to be checked by a hearing specialist. Ear wax removal in a clinic is 100% safe – treatment will not be a hit or miss and the audiologist can check the status of your ear canal. 

A hearing doctor is the best person to carry out an ear wax removal procedure. Doctors have the necessary medical tools to ensure that the ear wax removal procedure goes smoothly. With the right tools, doctors can immediately pinpoint the site of the clog and efficiently remove it to make hearing go back to normal.

At this point, we’ve probably made it clear that ear wax removal should only be done by hearing care specialists or audiologists. Our team of reliable audiologists are more than equipped to take care of your hearing needs and concerns. Aside from ear wax removal, Hearing Health Clinic can also provide hearing tests, hearing aid fittings, tinnitus therapy, etc.