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Is it good to get your ears professionally cleaned?

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While using a cotton swab to “clean” your ears may be enjoyable, it’s not actually a good idea. DIY ear wax removal is discouraged especially if you have symptoms of impacted earwax. In this situation, we encourage getting your ears professionally cleaned by an audiologist.

Cotton swabs, bobby pins, ear candles, and other tools are frequently used for DIY ear wax removal. Honestly speaking, none of these will produce impressive outcomes for you. You can watch all the YouTube “ear wax removal” tutorials you want, but it won’t change the reality that you can’t effectively remove ear wax on your own. In fact, you run the danger of infecting your ears and needing more serious medical care if you poke your eardrum or increase the obstruction.

You can now understand why audiologists and hearing healthcare professionals do not encourage DIY ear cleaning.

The body naturally gets rid of wax from the ears. The human body has the ability to naturally remove ear wax. Human ears can be considered self-cleaning because as the ear canal’s outer layer of skin begins to shed, the earwax will come out with it. However, not all people experience the same rate of earwax production; some people produce more earwax which could lead to impaction and other auditory issues.

Is it necessary to get your ears professionally cleaned?

You’ll need to get your ears cleaned by a professional if too much earwax has built up in your ears. Cleaning out your ears is important because neglecting to do so could result in infections and other auditory problems including earaches, tinnitus, vertigo, or hearing loss.

To find out whether the problem is merely the result of excess earwax or whether there is another medical concern that needs to be addressed, a consultation with an audiologist is necessary.

Most clean their ears of earwax using cotton swabs or Q-tips. We strongly advise against removing wax with cotton swabs because doing so can merely push the debris further into the ear canal.

Just the outer portion of the ear should be cleaned using cotton swabs. To prevent damaging your inner ear and eardrum, never insert cotton buds or any other sharp things into your ear canal.

Earwax and balance problems

Since your inner ears play a crucial role in regulating your sense of balance, anything awry with your balance should be taken as a warning sign and an indication that your inner ear may be damaged.

Because blockage and wax buildup may be to blame in certain cases of balance distortion, getting your ears professionally cleaned by an audiologist might help relieve symptoms.

What to expect when you get your ears professionally cleaned?

Before starting the ear cleaning session, an audiologist will check the ears for any visual obstructions, perforations, or injuries. We will not push through with professional ear cleaning if we note irritation or perforation. Professional ear cleaning usually takes 20 to 30 minutes. There are various types of tools and equipment used in tandem with ear-cleaning procedures including irrigation, suction, flushing, etc.

Professional ear cleaning in Osseo, MN

Experiencing symptoms of earwax buildup is no fun at all. If you encounter any symptoms that lead you to suspect the presence of earwax impaction or any other auditory problem, see an audiologist right away. Don’t try to clear out earwax impactions on your own because you may only make the situation worse.

To ensure the health of your ears, get a professional ear cleaning from a reputable audiologist. Professional ear cleaning sessions can be a safe and efficient way to prevent ear infections, injuries, and infections. Enjoy an overall improvement in your hearing health with professional ear cleaning!

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