What to expect

A process that goes beyond traditional testing and incorporates real-world experiences.

What does conquering your hearing loss look like?

It all starts with a conversation

Whether it’s a laughing baby, your favorite TV show, a conversation with your best friend, or something else, we want to learn more about what you want to hear. We will also discuss how your hearing is affecting things like your confidence, anxiety, or social environments.

Real-world functional testing

Hearing loss affects both your ears and your brain. Unfortunately, most traditional testing neglects what’s under the surface of your hearing loss. That’s why our tests take both factors into account. When we test your hearing, we will have you step into our sound field to assess your hearing and cognitive function in everyday environments like male/female voices in a conversation, a noisy restaurant, a local park, etc.

Review your detailed, easy-to-read results

Sometimes people can hear but struggle to understand. That’s why on top of traditional hearing test results, your personalized report will also include a detailed account of how things like your memory, listening effort, reaction time, and more are affecting the way you hear.

But we don’t stop there…

More than just handing out hearing aids

While hearing aids are extremely helpful in conquering your hearing loss, we also incorporate treatment involving therapy with family members, speech training, and classes. Not all hearing loss is the same, you can be sure we will present the best options for YOU.

Always continuing the conversation

Just like in our initial meeting together, after 2-3 months we will retest things like hearing-in-noise, listening effort, and more to see how your new hearing devices are helping you re-engage with life.

The results of taking care of your ears and brain

Develop new habits to feel more confident in your ability to follow conversations
Ensure that we’re providing your brain with the information to hear and listen
Stop having to ask people to repeat themselves
Learn how you and the people you care about can better communicate with each other
Hear the things that matter most

Patient-obsessed care

Nothing matters more to us than helping you engage as fully as possible in your everyday life. Hearing health and brain health are equally important when it comes to your hearing loss, and by taking both into account, you can be confident you are receiving the absolute best care possible. It’s the type of care you deserve!