Signia hearing aids offer a combination of state-of-the-art hearing solutions and personalization for a superior hearing experience.

Signia Hearing Aids


Signia hearing aids process sound through an individual acoustic environment and observing how a wearer moves through it. 


Hearing Health Clinic, Osseo MN: Authorized Provider of Signia Hearing Aids

Do you know what’s the secret of great hearing aids? Part of it lies in hearing care professionals. They are the ones who are responsible for correlating the results of a hearing test with a patient’s lifestyle to provide the best personalized hearing loss solutions available.

If you are looking for a private practice in Osseo, MN that is an authorized distributor of Signia hearing aids, look no further and give Hearing Health Clinic a call.

Our clinic takes pride in our audiologists and staff who provide quality customer service to help patients with hearing concerns. Hearing Health Clinic also offers world-class product and technologies to alleviate hearing loss and improve speech comprehension of patients.

Below are some of the top-selling Signia hearing aids available at Hearing Health Clinic, Osseo MN.

Signia Hearing Aids: Information for You

What’s so special about Signia hearing aids?

Traditional hearing aids were designed with the assumption that the wearer is stationery. Of course, a little motion here and there won’t hurt, but what if the wearer is actually trying to have a conversation while running or walking? This is where Signia hearing aids enter the scene.    

While existing hearing aids can just focus on the sounds directly in front of the wearer OR the surrounding area, Signia Xperience can actually offer BOTH without any compromise. This means that Signia hearing aid users can enjoy better speech clarity and understanding even while in motion.

Other Signia hearing aids under the Xperience line include Pure 312 X and Pure Charge&Go X. To learn more about Signia hearing aids and their corresponding prices, visit Hearing Health Clinic, Osseo MN and have a thorough discussion with our audiologists.

Signia Hearing Aids and Tinnitus

Signia hearing aids don’t just deal with hearing loss; it can also help with tinnitus.

Signia hearing aids offer ocean wave tinnitus therapy static noise tinnitus therapy signals complemented by Notch Therapy. 

The Notch Therapy is exclusively available in Signia hearing aids and is known to reduce the effects of tinnitus or, even better, make it disappear completely.

Are Signia hearing aids worth it?

From a hearing care professional’s point of view, Signia hearing aids deliver remarkable and high quality hearing solutions. 

The manufacturer offers an impressive portfolio of hearing aid models that can appropriately address hearing loss needs. Signia hearing aids may have a reputation of offering devices that cost a little bit on the high end, but users of these hearing aids swear that it has really changed their quality of life. The combination of good craftsmanship, apps, accessories and high-tech optical sensor make Signia hearing aids one of the most preferred brands of consumers.

Signia Hearing Aid Models

Below are some of Signia hearing aids available at Hearing Health Clinic, Osseo MN:

Signia Hearing Aids: Styletto X

Here’s a situation – you scratched your face; instead of putting a band-aid on the scratch, you cover it with a concealer. That is how Styletto X works for hearing loss. It truly adds to the aesthetic factor of Signia hearing aids.

With Styletto X, the product is much more than a hearing aid (if it even looks like a hearing aid). In addition to a pure design with sophisticated form and graceful lines, Signia Styletto X offers a refined fit with true-to-life hearing experience. 

Time to say goodbye to artificial sound with the Styletto X. The difference in fit and performance can really be noticed as soon as hearing aid users slip it on.

Here are the other perks of Styletto X:

      • revolutionary Signia Xperience chip makes you experience better speech comprehension even in noisy environments
      • acoustic motion sensors optimize speech understanding
      • Signia Assistant helps users stay fully involved and functional

Signia Hearing Aids: Silk X

Want a hearing aid that’s smaller than small? The Silk X is designed to be nearly invisible. But don’t underestimate its smallness – it still carries the powerful Signia Xperience tech, delivering optimum speech comprehension and clear sound.

Signia hearing aids offer custom-made devices and the Silk X is one of them. The good thing about Silk X is that it has highly adaptable soft-silicone sleeves to give wearers a secure fit with high level of comfort.


Signia Hearing Aids: Xperience

A hearing aid user’s experience is defined by how well a device picks up sounds. Clarity also plays a key role – the human ear can only take too much noise. There’s a fine line between just hearing and hearing clearly.

With Signia hearing aids, users get to Xperience premium features and technology that a few models in the industry can offer.

Signia hearing aids, specifically Signia Experience, are equipped with tracking movement sensors to effectively adjust to acoustic environment changes.

Wearing hearing aids might limit other people from participating in outdoor activities. In addition, they may even try to limit their social exposure, living in the fear that a hearing aid may fall out or malfunction. 

Signia hearing aids aim to make hearing aid wearers learn how to enjoy life once again. Whether it’s a big banquet, a team building, an outdoor hike or a dinner at a refined restaurant, Signia Xperience can easily adapt to environmental changes.

For more information about Signia hearing aids, call or visit Hearing Health Clinic, Osseo MN.

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