Looking for the best audiologist in Minneapolis?

Think hearing loss is just about your ears?

Think again.

Your ears capture sound, but
your brain interprets that sound.

A Functional Hearing Test looks at both your ears and your brain. Traditional tests do not. Are you ready to get answers? Schedule a functional hearing test today.

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Big box stores may sell cheap hearing aids,
but they don’t treat your condition.

When you take care of your hearing ears to brain, you will:

Follow conversations with improved confidence.

Reduce common frustrations, like having to ask people to repeat themselves.

Become fully engaged with those you love through better communication.

Always hear the things that matter most.

It starts by having a conversation with a doctor of audiology (Heidi Hill A.uD. - You can read more about her below)

It requires real-world functional testing - we go WAY beyond tones and beeps

We'll review your detailed, easy-to-read results that take the metrics of both hearing and understanding into account.

Hearing aids are just part of the solution - While hearing aids are extremely helpful in conquering your hearing loss, we also incorporate treatment, including therapy with family members, speech training, and classes.
Individual hearing loss requires personalized treatment. You can be sure we will present the best options for YOU!

Clean healthy facility and Dr. Heidi was in no hurry to fix me up with new hearing aids. She went through the whole setup with me and took extra care in explaining my hearing loss to me. Dawn was gracious to us also, which helped with the nervous jitters, and was ready to make a follow-up appointment for me. I wholeheartedly recommend this clinic.

– Lea

This was the best experience I had for checking my hearing. It is not your average test to decide whether you need hearing aids. I would advise anyone interested in seeking a great audiologist to make an appointment. You will be satisfied.

– Ronald

The entire staff is amazing. I expected my first visit with Dr. Heidi to be like a typical Dr visit just a number being moved in and out as fast as possible. Within the first few minutes, I knew that I had been completely wrong. She listens – really listens – and truly cares about improving your quality of life. I am so thankful I found this office and would recommend them without any hesitation.

– Kris

Welcoming, friendly, and knowledgeable staff. They made me feel comfortable and at home as soon as I walked in. Great products and competitive pricing. I like their a la carte approach, where you can take advantage of as many of their services as you choose. Not one large lump sum like some providers. Very helpful with all details (insurance, etc.). They do not push one particular product like some places. I was given the opportunity to evaluate different manufacturers and make up my mind regarding what worked best for me. I highly recommend Hearing Health Clinic to anyone with hearing needs.

– Mark

Dr. Heidi Hill

Dr. Heidi Hill, owner of Hearing Health Clinic for the past 14 years, has been practicing audiology for over 25 years. A graduate of Park Center High School, the University of Minnesota, and A.T. Stills University, Dr. Heidi is a member of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology, Minnesota Academy of Audiology, and holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Dr. Heidi specializes in testing and treating hearing loss in a more functional, real-world way that looks at hearing ear-to-brain. This approach, which Dr. Heidi developed, is so successful that it is currently taught within the audiology profession across the country. Dr. Heidi is also launching an educational program called CogniHear. She is scheduled to speak at several conferences in 2022 regarding this innovative, holistic approach to hearing healthcare. Dr. Heidi also specializes in tinnitus, concussions, and auditory processing problems.

Are you ready to see a real improvement in your hearing?

Schedule an appointment for our ear-to-brain real-world testing so we can work with you to create an individualized treatment plan for your lifestyle and needs.

Schedule Your Functional Hearing Test Today!

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