Nano Hearing Aids

Have you come across Nano hearing aids? If not, you may be wondering what are Nano hearing aids. They are not really part of the mainstream brands but Nano hearing aids are marketed as affordable hearing devices.


Purchasing Nano Hearing Aids Online

Nano hearing aids are available online and they claim to give better value and longevity compared to leading brands. A lot of consumers on a budget are easily hooked with the “fraction of a cost” concept. You can pay via credit card with their secure checkout system and shipping is said to be free for all orders placed in the U.S. The brand also offers a 45-day money back guarantee. 


Nano Hearing Aids: Overview and History

Nano Hearing Aids was founded in 2017 by Robert Carlson. It is an online hearing aid company that is said to be inspired by the founder’s grandmother, who lost one of her hearing aids and couldn’t afford to replace it.

On its official website, Nano hearing aids promotes the tag line “hearing aids without the middleman.” In short, this business sells hearing aids without speaking to an audiologist or a hearing aid specialist. (From this point of view, we can already sense something not quite right.)  

Think of it as trying on braces or retainers without getting seen by a dentist. You wouldn’t really know about proper fitting and application. Same goes with hearing aids – getting it online without knowing seeing an audiologist and going over the severity and type of hearing loss.

Yes, Nano hearing aids may be affordable – there’s no question about that, but the fit and the adjustments are left hanging.

If it’s any consolation, Nano Hearing Aids features on their web site that users can pick different program settings and volume settings and experiment with the best combination for optimal hearing. Here’s the greatest takeaway of Nano hearing aids that gathered some raised eyebrows from professionals in the hearing health care industry – an audiogram is not needed.

Purchasing Nano hearing aids is completely up to you – it has some fairly good reviews and the price is also very attractive. However, we here at Hearing Health Clinic, Osseo, MN believe in proper hearing assessment before fitting hearing aids for hearing loss intervention.


Walmart Hearing Aids: HearingAssist

Let’s have a quick review of one of the best-selling Walmart hearing aids, the HearingAssist.  HearingAssist is primarily marketed as an appropriate device for people dealing with mild to moderate hearing loss. It has a behind-the-ear (BTE) design and is said to be able to switch through different sound environment settings (quiet, noisy, TV and outdoor). Users can apparently toggle the volume dial to adjust the level of amplification.

Looking at the reviews of HearingAssist on, we can see that it has been getting mixed reviews. The most common complaints with this Walmart hearing aids had something to do with squealing noises and feedback.


Walmart Hearing Aids: MDHearingAid Air

Consumers tend to flock to these Walmart hearing aids because it is FDA-approved and cost only $399.99 per pair. According to Walmart, the MDHearingAid is a durable device specially built for individuals with mild to moderately-severe hearing loss.

It boasts of a smaller size, replaceable batteries, more affordable price, and great customer support. How does it hold up when it comes to customer reviews? It got 4.8 out of 5, remarkably higher than HearingAssist. Plus, it’s also a hundred dollars cheaper, so that’s another good point.

Would we recommend Walmart hearing aids?  Maybe. But there’s no way of being sure without a functional hearing test.  We recommend setting an appointment at a hearing clinic to get a comprehensive evaluation to get the best results from your hearing aids.


Questions about  Nano Hearing Aids

Are Nano Hearing Aids Any Good?

From a budgetarian’s point of view, Nano hearing aids may seem to be a good buy. 

Nano hearing aids can be purchased at the comfort of your own home, no need to go out of the house – it’s just like shopping online. The hearing aids will be shipped directly to you. 

However, do you have any unpleasant experiences from shopping online? Like for example, getting a heavy dose of “expectation vs reality?” when you received the item. Think of it this way – you ordered a very cute pair of shoes from an online shop. You know your shoe size is 7 so you click on size 7, add to cart and check out. When the product arrives, it’s really cute in person but unfortunately, it’s a bit too tight.

What are we getting at? As audiologists, we uphold the importance of Real Ear Measures to provide accurate and tailor-fit hearing aid functions based on an individual’s unique type of hearing loss. Purchasing Nano hearing aids entails risk – it may address your hearing needs, but in the long run, you may regret it and end up spending more to get your desired results.

What are Nano Hearing Aid: Nano CIC?

Nano CIC is one of the most popular products offered by Nano hearing aids. For those who are not familiar with the word CIC, it means completely in the canal and has a size that fits seamlessly into the ear canal. 

Nano CIC hearing aids are available in digital and rechargeable variants. While the CICs are great products for individuals who want a discreet hearing aid, there are also some cons which include:

  • users need to use a screwdriver to adjust the volume
  • battery door is small, which can be quite tricky during replacement
  • complaints about short battery life is common
  • ear wax may also build up quickly when using Nano CICs

What are Nano Hearing Aids: Nano X2?

Nano X2 is also a bestseller among Nano hearing aids. It is designed as a behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid – its body rests behind the ear and the ear while the earbud sits in the ear canal. These are all connected to the body through a thin plastic tube.  

BTE models have longer battery life that CICs because they are larger in size. The parts are also easier to replace, the controls easier to adjust – you get the picture. Of course, there is a tradeoff when it comes to its style. Because it is bigger, it is less discreet than CICs and people may notice that you are wearing a hearing aid.

Our Take On Nano Hearing Aids

We mentioned this earlier, and we’ll say it again – we at Hearing Health Clinic believe in meticulous testing and assessment to make sure that the hearing aids you purchase, regardless of the brand, will fit you and give you the best results to give you better quality of life.

We can also offer you flexible options and bundles if you are on a budget. Our staff and audiologists are committed to give you great customer service while taking care of your specific hearing needs and concerns.