Do you have hearing loss?

Don’t let hearing loss take you away from enjoying your life!


You’re not alone

Over 48 million Americans experience hearing loss

Most hearing loss is mild and treatable, so why live with it? When you can’t participate in conversations, it frustrates you and your loved ones. Some people become so self-conscious or frustrated by their hearing loss that they stop doing what they love, like playing sports or going to the symphony or even to family gatherings. We are here to help.

When to get tested for hearing loss

Trouble understanding what people are saying

Asking people to repeat themselves

Trouble understanding conversations at a restaurant or in a busy workplace

Avoiding social situations because of trouble following the conversation

Turning up the TV and radio to levels that others say is too loud

Ringing in my ears

Hearing in one ear better than the other

Being told that you have a hearing problem

How we’ll treat your unique hearing loss

Our process for treating hearing loss involves real-world testing, taking a look at your ears and your brain to get the full picture, and offering long term support the entire way. Schedule an appointment today!