Real Ear Measurement (REM)


So many people are using hearing aids – but are those all programmed correctly? As audiologists, it pains us to know that there are lots of people not enjoying the MAXIMUM benefits of hearing aids – all because of the absence of real ear measurement.

Better hearing, or the privilege to hear speech and audio clearly, is the ultimate point of hearing aids. But optimizing hearing aids does not happen instantly. It entails hearing aid fittings and real ear measurement carried out by audiologists.

At Hearing Health Clinic, Osseo MN, we make sure that you get the MOST out of your hearing aids, regardless of the brand, model or size. We don’t want you to shell out money for hearing aids and just end up leaving them in the drawer. That’s a big NO for us and we exert all efforts and applicable methods to give you the BEST hearing experience. 


You might be wondering – what is the best hearing aid for me? Let’s keep the hearing aid hunt easier by discussing the types of hearing aids, so you can narrow down your choices based on the style that you need or prefer. We’ve also included pros and cons for each type of hearing aids to help you weigh what matters most.

At this point, we’re past asking ourselves “how can hearing aids help?” Hearing aids HELP with hearing loss, giving hard of hearing individuals a chance to live normally and maintain meaningful conversations at home or at work.

Real Ear Measurement Procedure

REM takes place after a hearing test. A fine probe microphone will be placed inside the ear canal together with the hearing aid to measure the exact level of sound received at the eardrum. 

The results of the evaluation will immensely help audiologists to adjust and set the hearing aids based on the patients’ unique hearing needs.

Take note that an audiologist should NOT rely on real ear measurements alone. REM, hearing aid fitting and hearing test results must be accurately correlated. 

Here is a simplified real ear measurement procedure:

  1.   The hearing aid will be inserted into the ear canal together with a thin microphone probe.
  2.   Various recorded speech and audio samples will be played through a loudspeaker.
  3.   Audiologists will then compare the exact sound levels a patient is receiving FROM the hearing aid versus the needed amplification as indicated in a patient’s hearing test results.

The Benefits of Real Ear Measurement for You

Let’s take a short trip to memory lane. In 1998, the American Speech Language Hearing Association was the first organization to acknowledge the importance of real ear measurement. Fast forward eight years later, and the American Academy of Audiology stated that audiologists and hearing practitioners SHOULD practice real ear measurement.

Majority of audiologists and clinicians all over the state have already acknowledged the positive impact of real ear measurement. REM is already being practiced by most private practices BUT, there are still a number of hearing health practitioners that still do not practice this highly-important protocol during hearing aid fittings.

If you or a family member would like to be fitted with hearing aids but would prefer an audiologist who practices real ear measurement, Hearing Health Clinic is the best option. We are located in Osseo, MN so if you are near that location, feel free to give us a call or a visit.

Questions about  Real Ear Measurement

Why do we perform real ear measurement?

As trained audiologists, we know that real ear measurement plays a HUGE role in the efficiency of a hearing aid.  Even if you purchase the most expensive or the latest hearing aid in the market, without real ear measurement, you won’t maximize its features and technology. 

So what is real ear measurement?

Real ear measurement (REM), otherwise known as probe microphone measurement, is deemed to be the GOLD STANDARD in determining if a hearing aid user is enjoying the exact level of amplification needed at every frequency level. This is to make sure that the hearing aid user is maxing out the benefits that the device has to offer.   

Of course, let’s be realistic here – 100% improvement is not entirely possible, and it varies on the level of hearing loss, too. However, the goal of real ear measurement is to maximize the benefit to the highest level possible.

Are real ear measurements necessary?

Real ear measurement is not just luxury – it’s greatly necessary. With real ear measurement, audiologists can accurately gauge the sound level in your ear canal when a hearing aid is worn.

REM allows us to make informed and more accurate judgments. We can check if the sound entering your ear canal suffices your hearing loss and amplification needs.

In short, real ear measurement ensures that we are not grasping at straws here. We can fine-tune your hearing aids based on your specific hearing needs.

Why do we perform real ear measurement?

At Hearing Health Clinic, we make sure to include real ear measurement during the first stages of hearing aid fitting. Without real ear measurement, it’s just like depending on what the manufacturer software can offer.

We want to use our expertise, technology and equipment to all work harmoniously to give our patients the BEST hearing experience ever.

Real ear measurement is like adding a dash of EXTRA to the hearing aid fitting process. Think of it as baking cookies. You buy the ingredients needed, mix everything up, and put it in the oven. Few hours later, your cookies are as hard as pebbles. What went wrong? You didn’t measure the ingredients properly.

Same goes for hearing aids – you may choose the LATEST or the most EXPENSIVE item, but, you feel as if you’re getting shortchanged. There’s something lacking.

It’s not enough that you get hearing aids that address your hearing loss. You need to get real ear measurement to fully enjoy the benefits. Don’t be shy to request for real ear measurement during your hearing aid fitting (if your audiologist isn’t or has not plans of doing it).

How long does a real ear measurement procedure take?

Real ear measurement takes only 3-5 minutes per ear. These short and few minutes play a big role in ensuring that you are receiving the best settings and amplification for your hearing aid.

Will the probe pose harm to the ears?

Having something put in the ear may be a valid source of worry for patients. To quelch this hesitation, you must go to a licensed audiologist, or to a clinic who has already been in practice for many years.

Real ear measurement, when done by an expert, is painless and done before you know it. Think of REM as going to a professional to have a simple procedure done – getting a facial, going to the dentist, you get the picture.

Real Ear Measurement in Osseo MN 

Real ear measurement helps US help YOU. With real ear measurement, we can get the accurate threshold information down to the smallest details.  REM opens up a whole new level of accuracy, where we can check how well you can hear – frequency by frequency, through the WHOLE hearing spectrum.

With real ear measurement, we can come up with the most accurate settings for your hearing aids, rather than depending on the pre-sets from the manufacturer.  Consider yourself lucky if your audiologist automatically carries out real ear measurement. At Hearing Health Clinic, you’ll be more than just lucky because we make sure to give you the best patient experience at our clinic.  

With real ear measurement, the hearing aids will be fully optimized. The chances of patients wearing inferior or ill-suited hearing aids will be significantly lowered.  We at Hearing Health Clinic ensure that your hearing aids will STAY in your ears and PRODUCE a superior result instead of just gathering dust in your drawer. 

People with hearing loss who don’t get their hearing verified using real ear measurement would never know if they are getting the best prescription or just going along with a subpar first-fit manufacturer setting. Getting hearing aids without real ear measurement is just like buying a pair of size 7 shoes without fitting them, knowing that you’re size 7. But, when you wear it, it’s a little bit loose and wobbly. You won’t just say “this is fine, I’ll make this work” right? You definitely don’t want to walk around wearing wobbly-fitting shoes. Correct fitting is key and we’re here to help you.


Why we support real ear measurement:

We at Hearing Health Clinic support and practice real ear measurement because we have proven that REM can greatly improve the way a patient can hear in all situations.  REM is also backed up by an extensive number of research studies, including one from Washington University.  This specific study discovered that people diagnosed with hearing loss preferred hearing aids that were fit using real ear measurement vs hearing instruments that weren’t.

We recognize the fact that when a person with hearing loss uses hearing aids that are adjusted with real ear measurement, the best hearing experience takes place. Audiologists at Hearing Health Center do not simply depend on manufacture first-fit settings. We carry out real ear measurement procedures to give our patients the best amplification possible.