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Best Way to Clean Ears

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Best Way to Clean Ears

Are you curious to know what’s the best way to clean ears? It is important to keep the ear canal healthy and free of obstructions, but there are a number of ways to do this without putting anything inside it.

It’s common for people to be unsure of how to clean their ears. Are you one of them? If so, it’s time to learn the best way! Cleaning your ears is not necessary if they are in good health and can take care of themselves. However, there may be a need for ear wax removal from the outside part of your ears when it builds up too much or because of an ear infection. When this happens, make sure you go to an audiologist to make sure that you won’t harm or affect the integrity of your ear. Hearing Health Clinic in Osseo, MN has a team of audiologists that knows the best way to clean ears.


The Deal with Earwax

The reason we feel inclined to clean our ears is because of that substance called cerumen or what we usually call earwax. It’s normal for our body to produce it, and it actually helps protect and lubricate your ears. If we didn’t have earwax, our ears would probably be itchy and dry. The problem begins when our bodies produce too much or not enough earwax – this can cause all sorts of problems in the long-term, like hearing loss!

Earwax is actually a natural defense mechanism for our ears that protects them from dirt and other foreign substances as well as traps any bacteria before they go too deep inside.

The only reason you’d have an earwax blockage up against your eardrum is because you tried to clean your ears with a cotton swab, or something similar. This usually occurs when the person sticks a pointy object inside their ear canal and pushes the wax in deeper. It can cause other serious problems: swabbing or sticking pointy objects inside your ear can cause infection, rupture of the eardrum, and significant hearing loss.

So this leads us to the question…


Should you clean your ears?

The ear is a marvelous organ that needs to be taken care of. It’s not too often that ear canals need cleaning, but if they start to cause symptoms or keep your doctor from doing proper exams, you might have an issue called cerumen impaction. This means the wax has completely filled up your canal and it could happen in one or both ears.

If too much earwax builds up and starts to cause symptoms or it keeps your doctor from doing a proper ear exam, you might have something called cerumen impaction. This means earwax has completely filled your ear canal and it can happen in one or both ears. It is important to get this condition taken care of as soon as possible because if left untreated, the buildup will only increase until the patient may experience dizziness, ringing in the ears, pain when chewing or swallowing food, vertigo (a feeling that you are spinning), hearing loss due to pressure on auditory nerve cells from wax build-up, and more! If left unchecked for long periods of time without treatment, there is also an increased risk for infection.


Best Way to Clean Ears

Earwax is a protective substance that traps dirt and debris. If the wax becomes too hardened, then it may need to be removed with mineral oil or baby oil. It can’t hurt you if you use those products in your ear because they are safe for human consumption. But take heed, that this may not always be effective.

In fact, poking your ears is highly discouraged because it might cause injury to the inner ear or eardrum.


Symptoms of Cerumen Impaction

When you have a cerumen impaction, you may feel symptoms like pain or feeling fullness in your ear with partial loss of hearing getting worse over time. Other symptoms include ringing in the ear, itching, discharge from the ear or unpleasant smells coming out from it. Coughing may also be present if you have an impacted wax plug problem. It’s important to remember that not everyone will experience all these signs but if you’re experiencing any of them then don’t assume it’s just an old fashioned heavy cold!

If you start to feel like something might be wrong with your ears and you happen to be in Osseo MN, please call our Hearing Health Clinic right away for immediate assistance so we can remove the impacted wax. We can look into your ear canal with special devices and can remove any earwax with irrigation, suction and small instruments.

Cerumen impaction is when earwax builds up in your ear canal and causes painful symptoms like hearing loss, ringing in the ears, itching, discharge or a bad smell. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it may be worth consulting with an audiologist or ENT specialist to see if cerumen impaction is the cause. This condition can happen even though it’s not common but one thing that might help avoid this problem is by keeping hair out of your ears so wax doesn’t get stuck there too.

Hearing Health Clinic, Osseo MN can help maintain your ears and ensure that they are always at its prime. Whether you’re dealing with impacted cerumen, hearing loss or tinnitus, our team of audiologists can definitely help you out. Check out our website to be connected to professionals who know the best way to clean ears.