Sound of Hope: Heidi Hill’s Volunteer Work in Malawi

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Heidi Hill, an audiologist from Osseo’s Hearing Health Clinic, dedicated a week of her time to volunteer in Malawi, Africa with the nonprofit Hearing the Call, which aims to provide quality hearing healthcare to underserved populations. Hill, who has 28 years of experience in audiology, transitioned from speech pathology during her graduate studies and has since worked in various capacities, including private practice. Her clinic in Osseo, established in 2011, is known for its comprehensive approach to auditory health.

During her mission trip, Hill worked alongside other audiologists, including Alinane from Malawi, to address the country’s dire need for hearing healthcare, where only three hospitals serve over 20 million people. Hill’s preparation included bringing suitable hearing aids, such as bone-anchored devices, to cater to local needs. One notable success was restoring hearing for a 17-year-old girl who had been deaf for 13 years due to untreated infections.

Hill’s experience in Malawi was profoundly impactful, highlighting the resilience and gratitude of the local people. The team visited rural communities, serving around 500 people in three days, though they had to turn away many due to time constraints. Hill plans to continue participating in such missions and is considering future trips to countries like Mexico, Zambia, and Jordan, possibly involving her son.

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